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A series of environmental solutions Technical Solutions
are available to the consortium.

Protea P2 Fuel Fuel treatment

exclusive fuel treatment that reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30%, while reducing fuel consumption by up to 7%


Building sustainable, inclusive and resilient communities in the face of climate change and health crises

Protea P2: The Showcase Solution

Among other original solutions this group has exclusive access to an innovative fuel treatment product called Protea P2 with unique chemical properties that reduce fuel consumption by up to 7% and harmful greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30%. This product is particularly attractive to the least developed countries, as it represents an ideal solution for immediately reducing greenhouse gas emissions during the uncertain period when they are looking for viable but necessarily expensive options for abandoning fossil fuels.

Self-sufficient eco-villages producing their own energy, food and water. EWA agricultural project responds to the challenges of empowerment of communities in remote rural areas while participating in the protection of ecosystems. The EWA farm project promises to be a model in financial, social and environmental terms. Developing food self-sufficiency by shortening circuits, offering a positive impact on biodiversity and developing local access to knowledge, encouraging the emergence of a resilient economy.

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A 2020 survey of institutional investors and public debt management offices by the World Bank Treasury showed that they are increasingly taking environmental and social risks into account when making investment decisions.

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